Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Key Takeaways From a Multinational Corporation Career

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Working for a multinational company is a privilege. There’s a reason the very process of getting into one seems to be so rigid. It’s probably the only process that filters out the best talent there is in the world, only to turn them into much better individuals.

Many who have earned their stripes in multinational corporations have chosen to take the independent route and build companies of their own. They are equally successful, thanks to some key takeaways from their careers.

It is typical of this individual to have a widened range in shifting from micro to macro perspectives. Working for a company that engages the market from the local, regional, and continental spheres allows one to make sense of certain events as opportunities for growth. They can make quick decisions that are based on solid understanding.

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It has been observed from among those with a multinational background to have a high acumen for problem-solving. It would appear that such an environment rests an amount of pressure on the individual for him to develop creative approaches to predicaments out there in the field.

Those who have come from multinational corporations bring with them a certain amount of credibility. When they speak up, people listen to them intently, and when they direct, people follow. They are essentially the charioteers of today’s modern economies.

Edmund O’Brien is the CEO of the Americas at Arvato Bertelsmann. He is the successful overseer of a multibillion-dollar BPO enterprise, with much thanks to his experience in the global arena. To learn more about him, follow this LinkedIn page.

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