Thursday, 12 May 2016

Three Skills Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Learn

There are many skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. One of the more important aspects is adaptability. Every great entrepreneur understands that the ability to adapt is what separates the great from the mediocre. This involves knowing current trends and societal sensibilities. For today’s entrepreneur, this means understanding digital technology. There are three skills to note:
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Honesty: Digital technology is a vast field. Entrepreneurs should understand that it is impossible to learn all digital skills. They should consider specializing in only one or two skills and then build a network of people who are competent in other skills. This is how successful companies are built. The core competencies of the main group encompass as many subjects under digital technology as possible. The concept of being the “Jack of all trades” is a nice but fairly unrealistic goal.

Patience: People often misconstrue technology as an avenue wherein everything happens instantly. This is true – only when everything is already set-up. Starting companies all undergo the same challenges, and this means experiencing setbacks and delays. This applies in particular to companies that are dealing with a newer type of technology. There is no room for error in the digital arena, so it is best to take things slow and steady.
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Secrecy: Initially contradictory to the first point, but digital entrepreneurs understand that technology is easier stolen than something that is tangible. A good (and potentially financially rewarding) concept will draw the attention of potential thieves. Entrepreneurs should practice failsafe plans to ensure that their technology is patented and protected.

Above all things, digital entrepreneurs should understand that the best teacher is experience. There is such a thing as over-planning. The best way to achieve success with one’s idea is to try it out. Edmund O’Brien became the successful IT executive he is today by persevering and constantly educating himself on technological and business strategies. Learn more by following this Twitter account.

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